Tablets with Sim Card Slot | Buyer’s Guide & Review

Today’s fast world depends totally on new technologies to perform daily tasks. In short Laptops, PC and Smartphones have become a necessity for every Individual. But the thing is that we can’t carry our PC or laptop everywhere. Tablets are the solution, which is an excellent combination of smartphones and laptops.

Maybe you all have a common question in your mind, that we are going to answer here in brief:

Yes, of course, there is a wide range of tablets with sim card slots, which can also perform as a smartphone.

Yes, you can use it as a phone because all tablets have sim slot and similar features like a phone has. So, you can buy one tablet and use it for both the purposes. 

The tablets don’t have their data plan, as they need WIFI or cellular internet network support for browsing and surfing. Our team has worked hard to pick some top best tablets with a sim card slot for our readers. Have a look! 

Buying Guide-What To Look For Before Buying One

You have just gone through different models of tablets. Maybe product reviews aren’t enough to get entire knowledge about tablets. Thus, if you are going to shop for a tablet, then must consider the below-discussed traits before making a purchase decision.

Usually, the tablet’s screens are bigger than smartphones which ranges between 6 to 11 inches. The android tablet comes with an IPS HD display and extremely clear visuals with high resolution. The bigger screen size is better in terms of visuals, but sometimes it’s tough to carry. So one can choose screen size according to their comfort and preference. 

A good android tablet must be featured with a powerful CPU and OS operating system. OS processor helps it to upgrade to the latest version and also helps to resist lagging. Apart from this, the RAM should be minimum 2 or 3 GB.

Go with a tablet which is compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so that you can easily access the internet for downloading movies, music and other contents. Furthermore, the android tablets also come with SIM 4G LTE connectivity. It helps to connect to the internet when the user can’t access the Wi-Fi network.

The common battery life of most latest tablet models ranges between 10 to 12 hours, which is pretty fine. However, the best android tablet can provide battery life for the entire day. Apart from this, many latest models come with power on/off scheduling features to enhance battery life.

Storage space plays a key role in the tablet’s smooth performance. You can choose the internal storage between 8GB to 32 GB. The tablets with bigger internal storage are good to invest. Furthermore, choose a tablet which accepts expandable memory up to 128GB.

4 Best Tablets with Sim Card Slot-Review

1- Samsung Electronics Tab S7


Samsung S7 has a larger edge-to-edge display screen size of 11 inches which looks like a television screen and bigger than any other tablet. It is easy and comfortable to work on a device to increase efficiency and speed of work. As per buyer’s review, the 4-speaker audio system is great with smooth and terrific voice quality.


Samsung has redesigned its S Pen with different controls which are specified in the following way. Its Wi-Fi connection and immersive screen give a clear display to see the pictures.

  • Operating System: It has Android 10.0 operating system, which is the latest update in Samsung with super fast speed and efficiency. 
  • Camera Features: It has 5MP dual-back camera with 8-MP front-facing cameras which helps in capturing clear photographs.
  • Pen Included or Not: It has to specify designed and modified S-Pen for ease of use.
  • Unlock Touch: Smooth touch with touchpad cover for uninterrupted use.
  • Screen Resolution: Its 2560*1600 TFT screen resolution which is clear and efficient to provide an extraordinary viewing experience.


  • Octa-Core processor 3.09+2.4+1.8 Ghz and 6/8 GB RAM to store more data.
  • microSD slot is available up to 1TB.
  • The keyboard is supported if you want to attach for ease of use.
  • 1.1 lb makes it lightweight and portable.


  • Battery life could be improved.

Our Verdict

So, here we rate this tablet based on its clear screen resolution which provides a perfect chance to view clear pictures to users. 

2- Apple iPad Air - 3rd generation


The Apple iPad(3rd generation) has 64GB storage which is enough to keep many movies, documents, and some important files in our device. Through this iPad, storage problems have been almost solved. As per customer reviews, this device is much faster than other tablets like Micromax Canvas Tab P701 or Lenovo Tab M7 and work becomes easier.


Apple iPad Air is a new launch with 3rd generation in middle-range tablets that provide various advantages to users.

  • Operating System: IPad OS is an efficient option for any user to operate the device with advanced and easy to use functions.
  • Camera Features: It has 8MP back camera 7MP facetime front camera which is rated as a good base for photography.
  • Pen Included or Not: Apple Pencil is given with the tablet 3rd Generation with laser controls.
  • Unlock Touch: Touchpad is smooth, and it has Touch ID fingerprint sensor and Apple Pay for security.
  • Screen Resolution: It has a true tone and wide color to give a unique look to the display of the device.


  • 10.5-inch retina display is enough to do all the work.
  • Stereo speakers enhance the fun of listening to music.
  • It also provides super shared augmented reality experience. 
  • Gigabit-class has LTE cellular data with 10 hours of battery life.


  • Screen resolution is a bit less as compared to other iOS devices.

Our Verdict

Apple iPad is a proficient device with the long-lasting battery life that helps the user to work more efficiently.

3- Samsung Tab 8.0 with Pen


It has S-Pen included with the tablet, which makes its usage easy. GSM network and data connectivity make it a more reliable product. Viewers have liked Wi-Fi connectivity of the product most.                                                                                                                                    


Tablet with GSM Unlocked P-205 with Wi-Fi international calling feature is an effective cellular model with varying features. 

  • Operating System: Its android operating system is simple, with more features for the user always serves a good option to work.
  • Camera Features: 8MP main camera and 5 MP front camera and v5.0 LE.
  • Pen Included or Not: S-Pen is included with the device.
  • Unlock Touch: TFT LED capacitive touchscreen makes it smooth and efficient to use.
  • Screen Resolution: 1920*1200 native resolution is an additional feature for users. 


  • 4200 mAH battery with 14-hours battery life and GSM carriers compatibility.
  • CDMA carriers with Verizon and Sprint enhance its connectivity.
  • Google keyboard function is in-built.


  • Menu set-up was Spanish by default, but one can easily change it.

Our Verdict

Therefore, it is a good device with superb connectivity and compatible operating system. We categories it as the best tablet for users who want to buy high screen resolution devices.

4- Apple iPad Mini 4 with Wi-Fi


7.9” retina display and dual-core a8 chip makes it a perfect product for users with 16GB capacity. 10 hours of full–time working is perfect to use it for a whole day once fully charged.


A renewed Wi-Fi device with no visible cosmetic effectiveness and 80% relative capacity. Accessories are fully functional and accessible.

  • Operating System: IOS 9 operating system is an old but efficient system with many add-ons for users.
  • Camera Features: 8 MP iSight Camera with 1080p HD Video Capturing quality.
  • Pen Included or Not: Not included.
  • Unlock Touch: 7.9” smooth retina display with 4.2 Bluetooth and clean processor.
  • Screen Resolution: 2048*1536 screen resolution is the most effective resolution in any apple mini devices. 


  • 16 GB memory with inbuilt A8 chip and a quad-core processor.
  • 10 hours battery life makes it easily accessible for long hours.
  • 0.66 lbs makes it the best lightweight mini device.
  • Wi-Fi compatibility of the device is perfect.


  • If it has an S pen, then it would be a great add-on for users.

Our Verdict

As per our research, this is the best product with the best Wi-Fi connectivity and super screen resolution, which makes it a high selling product in the market.

Useful Tips You Must Know While Inserting Sim

Inserting sim cards in the tablet’s slots can be tricky sometimes. One should follow the proper instructions to avoid damages. 

  • Turn off your tablet. 
  • Take the Pin came with the tablet. 
  • Insert the Pin in the hole near the sim card tray. 
  • Pull out the slot and place sim in the right manner. 
  • Insert the tray again and Push to lock it. 
  • Please turn on your tablet, and it is ready to use. 


Here are the top best tablets with sim card slot tablets with sim card slot, which are manufactured under the reputed and trusted brand. Our team has researched very well to pick these top verified and tested models for our readers. Furthermore, these all are worth your every single penny.