Smart Tips To Handle Poorly Trained Staff

The Dilemma of Every Manager

Being in the position of a manager looks all slick from the outside but from the inside, it’s a very tedious job, especially when you are prone to confront inadequately trained staff or temporary staff. Even if when you try and ignore the predicament it is destined to be worse!

Hoping that the performance will miraculously become up to the mark will not solve this complication but the counterproductive employee will instill a domino effect in the company and all the other productive employees will get hold of the laziness as well!

This will very soon become the reason for the downfall of the company. Instead of resenting yourself for ignoring this colossal complexity, take out a notepad and jot down the following tips to use the poorly trained staff to your advantage. 

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The Game of Timing

Timing will determine the future of your company, so never do anything in the heat of the moment that will have repercussions in the near future. Like firing any of the employees or rebuking them as you will have to go through the rigmarole of hiring new ones later.

Once you are calm and without any hard feelings, have a proper conversation with your employees and get to know their side of the story before announcing anything on the speaker.

Adhere to the Facts

Getting the hang of pessimism is super easy and it is the most valuable player in breaking the confidence of the employees. Before venting out, always focus on what the actual facts are and avoid hurting any employee by giving them negative feedback.

Try and explain the employee about their wrongdoings and how it affects the company, other employees and even their own future at the company. Expound on how they will lose their bonus, job security and opportunity for a promotion if they will fail to match your expectations

Capture the Nub of the Complication

When at the position of a manager, a person always assumes that they now the root cause of the unsatisfactory performance of their employee. Rather take out some of your time and fathom the hidden issues.

Maybe there is a plethora of workload on the employee, there might be some personal issues or complications related to their role in the company.

If and only the manager knows the issues, a solution will come into existence!

Endeavour towards the Fix

Synchronize and work in harmony with your employees to come up with a quirky fix. Unpack your headphones lying in your office drawer since forever and have a fruitful conversation with your employee, which will not only lead you towards the solution but will also make the employee feel valued in the company, providing them with the boost they were craving all along!

Regular Follow-Ups

After formulating a gratifying a plan, curate an agenda and have lineups to access the performance as well as improvement of the employees. Also figure the complexities, if any, the employees have clashed with.

Admit and Acknowledge

Don’t forget to recognize any advancement in the performance of your employees! If and when the employees are reaching the mark acknowledge their efforts and reward them with suitable alms, like take them for a lunch or handout a note, reflecting your potency. A personal effort by their manager will enhance their performance even more!

But after all your efforts, if dismally any employ is not improving and is incapable of improving you will have to let them go. The underachievers will never become a valuable resource to you and your company and will only be a liability. 

When you encounter any crummy employee, ask yourself if you are capable of being a manager, are you capable enough to reform that employee?

Make sure you take out that notepad of yours and find the fix!

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