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Whether you are a gamer or a white-collared person, whether you are in a meeting or watching movies at home, a standard display is must. Now you might be thinking that it would require a large sum of money to be spent! Well, that’s not the case now, because now you can get best projector under 1000 dollars. If you can compare and check for the Projectors futuristically, then you can also get projectors under 100 and 300 dollars. These options will also include all those features that you had desired, even if you are running low on budget. 

So if you are willing to experience the standard display at lower budget, then check this writeup on the best reviewed projectors under 500.In this article, we will be checking the best projectors under 500.

Top 3 Contenders | Comparison Table


ViewSonic (PX700HD)
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Resolution-Full HD

Brightness-3500 ANSI lumens

Contrast Ratio-15000:1

Lamp Life-15000 hours


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Brightness-3200 ANSI lumens

Contrast Ratio-13000:1

Lamp Life-10000 hours


Epson VS250
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Brightness-3200 lumens

Contrast Ratio-15000:1

Lamp Life-5000 hours

5 Best Projectors Under 500 | Reviewed

The ViewSonic PX700 HD ranks first in the list of top 5 projectors under 500 dollars. This projector is the best pick for home entertainment purposes. Since it is packed with full HD 1920x 1080p native resolution, along with 3500 lumen and a high contrast ratio, which delivers a life-like and vivid experience. This is possible as the projector beams striking details, has vibrant colors encompassing bright and realistic images. Such features in it, enables a person to experience the transformation of a home theater to the local movie theater.

If you are a gamer, then this projector is a good fit for you, the reason being its ultra-low 16ms input latency. This ultra-low 16ms input latency supports delivery of  smooth images with frame by frame action, giving great gaming experience. It also comes with an amazing Sports Mode feature which delivers sharp details and colors of the sporting event from player’s jersey to grassy fields. Thus it makes sure one can enjoy any sports event to the fullest, on a big screen. The projector comes with a SuperEco mode which makes the lamp shine for 15000 hours. The Flexible connectivity feature supports most media players, gaming consoles Pcs and Macs, and any mobile device makes it easy to connect.


  • Great for the home cinema experience.
  • It’s very easy to use with minimal setup.
  • It is bright enough to watch in ambient light and color production is very good. 


  • Remote control is not backlit which really doesn’t help in the dark.
  • Fan is a little noisy

Unboxing ViewSonic PX700HD

BenQ video projector comes with an amazing bright 3200 ANSI lumens display, projecting crystal clear picture. It has SVGA resolution with a contrast ratio of 13000:1, which makes it great to be used in darker rooms. The Benq ms524 projects razor-sharp crystal clear images for your presentations, with amazing shadow details and color accuracy, making it best suited for small or medium-size rooms. Therefore, making it a great projector for movies and video games. The projector comes with long lasting 10,000 lamp hours, also by keeping the projector at standby mode it consumes just 5 w power. The power consumption is kept minimum with SmartEco power-saving technology. Benq projector features great flexible connectivity which includes HDMI and VGAx2, making it in second position of projector under $500. 


  • It has great clarity, even with extra lighting.
  • It is easy to transport.


  • The fan is a little noisy.

Unboxing BenQ MS524A DLP

The Epson VS250 projector comes with 3200 lumens of color/white brightness, with a lamp life of 5000 hours. It also comes with the fan noise of 37 DB in normal mode and 28db in Eco mode, giving a long-lasting impression on your presentation. It projects enough light in well-lit light room, assisting oneself with taking notes from the presentation with much ease. The projector features an SVGA resolution of 800×600 which makes it ideal to use both for indoor and outdoor activities. Also, with a 15000:1 contrast ratio, it makes it easy to be used in a darker room and it can project at a distance of 30 inches to 350 inches. The projector delivers remarkable color accuracy with 3 times higher color brightness, 3 times wider color gamut, 3 times more than competitive Dlp projectors available in the market today. It’s a lightweight design with a professional look and easy to setup gets you up and running in no time. Epson Vs250 projector support HDMI and gets connected easily with the digital products, which is also compatible with the latest laptops and media player.


  • It displays great image and subtitles are easy to read, at this budget of projectors.
  • The winning feature of this projector is color and brightness.


  • It has no audio out, so you are required to buy an HDMI extractor to output audio to external speakers. This would cost you only $20.

Unboxing Epson VS250

This projector which operates in a DLP format has a nice wide range of throw distance. This makes it idle to be used at indoor places, like in the office or at home, and for outdoor movie night. This projector can project 120 inches from the distance of 15 feet 8 inches, and the projected image size for this projector may range from 30-300 inches.  It is also a nice bright projector with a maximum of 3300 lamp hours. Even though it has a short bulb life, the projector features 3600 lumens with the noise range in 27db

It has native SVGA  800×600  resolution with user-friendly design and super cool features, giving bright beautiful images in any light environment. The View Sonic projectors provide great connectivity features, which include an HDMI cable, 2X VGA, VGA out, composite video, and audio in/out. The power consumption of the projector can be reduced as it comes with the SuperEco feature which allows you to dim the projector brightness by 70%.  Consequently, this extends the lamp life up to 15000 hours, with such amazing  features, easy connectivity options and at a price under 500 dollars; makes it ideal for educational or office purposes. It can also operate in multiple resolutions which makes it a great choice for watching movies and for playing games and crisp presentations.


  • The projector is light in weight and can be mounted on a camera tripod easily.
  • The fan noise is too low, mostly it is inaudible.
  • It projects a bright and clear picture, giving a great experience.


  • Sound quality is not good, you need external speakers.

ViewSonic PJD 5155

BenQ MW526AE is in the top 5 list for projectors under 500 dollars. If you are looking for a projector for some small office arrangements of your meeting room, then this projector will meet your expectations best. It is completely budget friendly and you can get all the features that you are looking for. It is so as the projector comes with 3300 lumens of high brightness picture quality with vibrant colors. This projector will provide pleasant lights on presentation in well-lit meeting rooms to assist for the presentations, discussions and note-taking. It has a native contrast ratio of 1500:1, which is enabled by DLP technology; also the optical lens of this projector delivers a clear crystal and smooth mid-tone color transition. It also gives highly sharp readability for compelling corporate visual communication.

The optical specs are best suited for business purposes as it comes with  XGA 1280×800 resolution with 16:10 aspect ratio. This ratio aids in delivering optimal widescreen image for business presentations. This projector also allows you to host multiple presenters and laptops instantly, without any complicated adapters. There will be no need of asking any IT Professional to help you with the connections. The projector also has the triple adjustment feet which provides great flexibility for the projector to ease the movement. It is recommended to use this projector quite often as it has a shorter bulb life of only 10000 hours. Also, it is highly recommended to be not used for home entertainment.


  • It is great for office presentations even with all the lights on.
  • It is easy to set up and use


  • Not good for home theater

Unboxing ViewSonic PJD 5155

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Upon several reviews made by us, we have come to the end of reviewing the best projectors under 500$. The things to keep in mind while choosing any projector incorporates- specification, feature, budget, and certain trustworthy reviews. We have reviewed best 4k projectors under 2000$ and also of values less than that. If at all you have a low budget plan, then you can go through these projectors and can choose the best one of your choice. The projectors so reviewed by us are completely to get home entertainment exposures and for other events like to be used in an office or so. The review also includes its pros and cons to make it easier for you to choose one.

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