Best Projector Under 1000 In USA | Top 5 Reviewed

If you are looking for a best projector under 1000 dollars, then it’s an investment that should not go into vain, even if you have more thousand bucks to spend on projectors.

The projectors are available in various ranges, from mini projectors under 100 dollars  to affordable 4k projectors under 2000 dollars, which comes with a variety of features with them.

We have reviewed the best projector under 1000 dollars so that it gets easy for you to buy one and start your journey to set up your home theater.

Comparison Table


ViewSonic (PX727HD)
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Resolution- Full HD (1920x1080p)

Brightness- 3500 ANSI lumens

Keystone correction- horizontal and vertical

Speaker- 10W


Epson Home Cinema 2150
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Resolution- Full HD 1080p

Brightness- 2500 lumens

Keystone correction- horizontal and vertical

Speaker- 10W


BenQ HT2050A
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Resolution- Native 1080p

Brightness- 2200 lumens

Keystone correction- horizontal and vertical

Speaker- 10W


The projector comes with a sleek white chassis user-friendly design. It features full HD (1920 x 1080) native resolution and brightness of 3500 ANSI lumens. It is equipped with the latest HDMI, making it perfect for connecting to any HDMI enabled device. It is the best projector for home entertainment, due to these following features that it comprises:

  • It has an amazing resolution with great brightness, having beaming razor-sharp and vibrant colors. One can watch content from every kind and type, including all of the high definition formats (1080p/1080i/720p) contents. This also includes movies, sports, TV, without facing any blur or distortion of the original video quality.
  • Super Color TruCinema Rec.709: It gives a lifelike color, giving a jaw-dropping movie theater-like experience, due to the RGBRGb color wheel, which delivers Rec.709 color accuracy. This projector ensures that it can beam the exact color of the original content, due to Rec 709, which is an international HD standard.
  • It comes with an amazing energy-saving “SuperEco” feature, which reduces the power consumption of the projector and helps to extend the lamp life up to 20000 hours.
  • Reduced Input Latency: This feature improves the gaming experience of the gamer as the projector beams smooth images without any delay. It is so since it delivers frame by frame action due to ultra-low 16ms input. Hence, it provides a great experience for gamers out there.
  • It comes with horizontal and vertical correction. Also, the presence of a corner adjustment feature eliminates distorted images providing a perfect picture every time.
The View Sonic px727HD is ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Certified, which means it delivers optimized color in both bright and dark environments. For a projector with such amazing features, it makes it best in the class of best projectors under 1000 dollars. 


  • It has a great 3D mode feature.
  • The remote has a good functionality that allows you to set the keystone and other picture settings.
  • The built-in speaker produces significant undistorted volume and sound which is not that bad for a tiny speaker.
  • All the ports in the rear powered by USB for things such as an Amazon fire stick, 2 HDMI, generic 3.5mm audio jack for 2 channel computer speakers.


  • You can’t adjust the 3D depths

Unboxing View Sonic PX727HD

Epson Home cinema 2150 is a wireless projector, which delivers full HD widescreen 1080p videos up to 11 feet distance or more. It gives a new home entertainment experience. 2500 lumens of color/white brightness enhances the projected image, giving vivid color images which makes it great for streaming movies, playing games, and more activities. It boasts the following features-

  • The projector comes with a contrast ratio of 60000:1, which provides rich details of the images in dark environments, and with enhanced projection technology, it provides enhanced images.
  • It has frame interpolation feature for razor-sharp, smooth lifelike images.
  • It has great flexible connectivity with wireless or wired HDMI devices at the rear end. It has 2x HDMI ports, Miracast, and includes one mobile high definition link (MHL) HDMI port. 
  • It displays full 1080p videos up to 11 feet or 4x larger than a 60-inch flat-panel screen.
  • It features wireless screen mirroring which allows you to mirror your photos in the devices with the help of using the Miracast app.

Epson Home cinema 21500 has all the features to give a great home entertainment experience that you need to enjoy your time at home.


1- It has a low-cost bulb with more bulb life as compared to BENQ.

2- The projector is very lightweight, weighing only 7 pounds. It is also compact, as it is easy to carry. Thus it makes it a great portable projector.

3- Epson has upgraded the feature which is a vertical lens shift, which allows you to move the projected image up and down by 60 %. So that you can place the projector at low or high positions as per the requirement. Thus you can mount the projector or keep it on the table.


1- The remote controller doesn’t have any focus or keystone feature buttons.

Unboxing Epson Home Cinema 2150

BenQ HT 2050A is the one projector, which provides you a big-screen audiovisual experience. It comes with great picture quality, having a resolution of 1080 p. It comes with a brightness of 2200 Lumens and has a high native contrast ratio with 96% Rec.709 color accuracy calibration. Here are some of its amazing features-

  • It comes with a cinematic color technology. This technology makes the projector to beam the most accurate and enhanced image to you, along with a great contrast ratio. It gives highly sharp and crisp images, giving great home cinema experience.
  • It is Rec.709 authorized, which means it delivers lifelike images to you. It is equipped with 2d keystone which corrects the projected image to eliminate the trapezoidal effect, in case the projector is placed at an inclined position.
  • The projector is best suited for gamers as it smoothly projects images, the reason being it is specialized with a low input lag of 16ms. It also features “unique game modes” giving gamers a great smooth experience.
  • It is a superior short throw projector, which projects a 100″ image at a distance from 8.2 feet. This brings big-screen entertainment.
  • The projector has flexible connectivity which comes with HDMI, USB, and more. This makes it easy to connect with most media players, from gaming consoles to PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.


  • Short-throw of the projector is great.
  • The sounds of the speakers are great.
  • It has a lot of input sources which includes old analog sources from which you can be able to connect an old WiFi console.
  • It projects an amazing bright image, which you might need to turn down while viewing images at night.


  • The project doesn’t feature a power zoom or focus.
  • The fan is a little bit noisy but gets unnoticed while streaming videos.

Unboxing BenQ HT2050A

ViewSonic PX747-4k is a favorite among the buyers who love watching movies. They love it as it delivers cinematic color with a wider color gamut, featuring 4k Ultra HD resolution of 3840×2160. It has the brightness of 2200 ANSI Lumens, beaming enough bright images to give great visual experience. It is rated to be one of the best projectors under 1000 dollars, due to such features and technicalities. Here are some other amazing features, which makes it great for movie lovers-

  • The projector comes with super color technology, as it is equipped with DLP 4k Ultra HD chip along with XPR Technology. Thus it delivers 3840 x 2160 distinct pixels and has an amazing brightness packed with 3,500 lumens that produce bright images at night. It also comes with great contrast ratio, and thus projects razor-sharp images with vivid colors. It gives a great home entertainment experience.
  • This projector supports HDR content. It has the ability to decode HDR video signals.
  • The speaker of the projector is designed with a powerful 10W speaker, which provides room-filling sound for an immersive home entertainment experience.
  • The projector is equipped with an energy-saving SuperEco feature that reduces the power consumption of the projector. Thus it extends the lamp life of the projector by up to 15,000 hours.
  • The remote control of the projector comes with backlit features, which illuminates the buttons of the remote control. Thus it makes it convenient to be used in dark rooms and for viewing it in the night time.
  • It features flexible connectivity with dual HDMI inputs allowing you to connect to a variety of HD devices, including PCs, Macs, digital cameras, and many others for a truly high definition experience.


  • The projector is 1000 lumens brighter than all the other 4k projectors available in the same class.
  • Pixels are smaller as compared to the ones from 1080p projectors.
  • It comes with 3 years warranty.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It doesn’t come with a lens cover.
  • No 3D feature in this projector.

Unboxing ViewSonic PX747-4k

Epson EX7240 comes with black stylish chassis, representing professional look for engineering and business presentations. If you are looking for a projector for your meeting room, then going with this projector will be a good choice as it delivers widescreen WXGA resolution (1280×800) with the brightness of 3200 lumens of white and color brightness. The projector is best suited for your presentation works, as it boasts the following amazing features-

  • The projector comes with WXGA resolution (1280×800) which is two times the SVGA for HD- quality presentations. With such resolution, it has a color brightness of 3200 lumens for projecting exact, vibrant color and white brightness of 3200 lumens for well -lit rooms.
  • Projector doesn’t need cables to connect with laptops or any multimedia device as it features wireless connectivity. This allows wireless connectivity between them or by using a local hotspot like a jetpack to create a local network that makes your work easy. You won’t need the help of an IT guy to help you with connectivity.
  • The projector doesn’t need a laptop for presentation, as it allows you to display presentations by using MHL- enabled Smartphones along with charging your Smartphone. It gives you relief from carrying your laptop from your home to the meeting room.
  • The lamp hour lasts up to 10000 hours which maximizes your viewing time while minimizing the cost of ownership.
  • It provides great flexibility and connectivity; supporting HDMI connectivity for digital video and audio with just one cable. Moreover, it is fast and easy to set up and runs in no time with easy image adjustments.


  • The projector is great for the money.
  • It has a relatively short lens throw distance.
  • It is best for a meeting presentation as it beams a razor-sharp image even in a well-lit room.
  • It comes in a light carrying bag.
  • It is easy to use and set up the projector.


  • Wireless connectivity is good for presentations, not for streaming videos.


We have reviewed the best projectors under 1000 dollars, which differs from each other in terms of product specifications and features that make them outstanding for their specific functions. If your budget is low, check our reviews for best projectors under 500 dollars. We have also reviewed for the best projectors under 300 dollars. If you have a high budget then check for the reviews of best 4k projectors for home under 2000 dollars.We give the reviews owing to the technical advantages and disadvantages of the projectors, to help you choose the best projector. Irrespective of you being high or low in budget, you can still enjoy the experience the happiness of using a projector for home entertainment or for presentation purposes.