Best Headphones for Video Editing – Buyer’s Guide & Review!

Headphones for video editing are best for audio quality and its bass. Video editors have recommended video editing headphones as an efficient product for film or video making workflow. 

Even audio playback could be an option in many headsets for better work efficiency. Users can use different headphones after analyzing their features and specifications. 

Here we have reviewed the best headphones for video editing after testing different products and rating them based on its sound quality and durability. Yes, price is another factor in which we compare the products.


Before buying a product, one must check some qualities and features of the product. Here we are mentioning top specifications that one has to look before purchasing headphones for video editing.

#1 Price

While buying a product price becomes an essential factor for every customer. One can’t exceed their range a lot to buy a product. Hence, finalizing a product as per its specification and price is best. Buyers should make their estimated range and then decide further.

#2 Durability

Most of the headphones are durable, with a warranty of 1-year. All the products above $79 are manufactured using quality material and special techniques to enhance user experience.

#3 Comfort

The earpads and easy folding of headsets make them comfortable to use. Quality foam is used so the user can use it for long hours while editing videos. They are perfect for studios or at home.

#4 Detachable cables

Most of the headphones have detachable cables. Detachable cables reduce the space required to store, and it keeps them safe in the bag.

#5 Closed or open backhead for video editing

Closed backheads are more preferable than open heads because they block audio-leakage or external interference while working.

#6 Should it Be a Noise cancelling headphone

Yes, noise-canceling headphones are required for video editing work to listen to sound properly. It helps the user to catch each beat and decide whether the video is perfect to be launched or not.

#7 Headphones Amplifier

Headphone amplifiers help to increase the low voltage signals of audio to a sufficient level required for work. It helps to convert sufficient voltage into clear sound waves.

#8 Frequency of Headphones

The return back tone and treble frequency notes help to get a clear range of audio. It also helps in analyzing the proper range of video and audio speed together. Even it is very effective to feel the frequency and feel them.


# Are beats good for video editing?

Yes, beats are super-efficient for over-ear headphones for video editing and compressing. There are beat-sync apps available for more perfection with better editing techniques. Beats are more suitable to enhance music quality and add more perfect videos to the studio’s list. It helps to impress buyers with excellent work.

# Qualities of video editing headphones that are different than other headphones

While choosing video editing headphones, one has to look for “monitoring headphones” for clear sound quality and the least external noise. Here video editing headphones never alter sound; instead, it will only drown-out noise. Monitoring sound through these headphones becomes easy for professionals.




Buyers told us that these headphones are easy to port and its battery backup is up to 7-8 hours a day. One can wear it for long hours at the office due to its comfortable foam. Technica headphones are the best headphones as per our experience. After reviewing this headphone, we come to the conclusion that it is perfect for professional use.


The manufacturer namely Hideo Matsushita has manufactured an impressive product with key-metal features to increase the durability of headphones. It is commonly used for audio forensics and personal use while editing videos. We found that sound isolation could be the best add-on for buyers. It has 3.0 metres straight cables, 6.3mm screw adaptor and 240 volt power with 3.5mm jack.


  • Detachable cables make it more suitable for storing and carrying from one place to another.
  • Comfortable earpads make them the perfect choice for buyers to use them for hours.
  • The flat-folding design makes it easy to store and makes it the best portable brand.
  • Different headphones are available within 700mW to 200mW power-capacity.


  • Buyers who want a cheap product with more features find this out of their budget.

Our Verdict

Audio-Technica Professional Headphone is sufficient for those who want it for long term use and to get better work results. They are the best in the market based on their comfortable earpads and power-capacity up to 700mW.  If you want an affordable product, then go for shure headphones, which are under $100. 



The unique design and flat-wire attracted our team to research this headphone and check whether it is suitable for our users. We found this product more efficient for buyers as old customers review it 4 out of 5. Its super tech sound quality is why people are referring to it as the best industrial headsets.


Soundstage quality and open back case are available. Lightweight headsets and long-hours usage make it more popular. After research, we have concluded that the high-frequency response of headphones is good. We recommend it if you want to get an industrial product with a better amp and DAC. 3m cable length, 62 Ohms rated impedance, with 200mW input power backup.


  • 3-D foam shape are comfortable to wear and keep around the neck while working for long sessions.
  • Sound quality is never compromised and high bass sound with maintained quality for better work experience.
  • Flat-coil makes it more coil sensitive with a treble response.
  • 3M cable length is enough to keep it away or close to the working table.


  • The elastic band could be a disadvantage for the product as its durability could be less than earphones.

Our Verdict

If you want a headset for professional or industrial use. It’s earpads and power justify the cost buyer is charging. As per the experts, AKG Pro  is user-friendly headsets with 3m short and durable cable length.



Fast shipping and good price are the first things that customers reviewed. Although the product is less popular in the market, still the buyers who had used it earlier tell that its comfortable foam and U-shaped design are why it is a choice of many buyers.


It is a set of 3 pairs of ATH headphones that make it more convenient to buy it for a team at an affordable price. Robust construction and high-quality material make it durable to use for the long term. One can isolate themselves and complete the work in peace after wearing the headsets. The outside disturbance is least with these headsets. 40mm drivers available with efficient earth magnets. 5 pounds weights makes it a perfect lightweight product.


  • It is available in a classy black color for an impressive look.
  • Lightweight headsets of only 5 pounds.
  • Long length headsets with soft foams for ease in wearing.
  • The bass quality of the product makes sound frequency more productive.


  • All headsets are packed together; hence damage chances are there while delivering. But if you want to buy it from Amazon then the risk factor is low and quality specifications are high.

Our Verdict

ATH Professional headphones are best for office use. People can wear them for long hours due to its U-shaped comfortable design.



The buyers who want an affordable product in their budget have reviewed it as the best product for small offices. Yes, these are heavy, but the manufacturer can afford this much only at less rate. It could be used for almost one and a half years efficiently.


Although it is a cheap rate of $99, features are enough to make it a good choice for buyers. It is a self-optimized product for home use or studio use for basic video editing needs. Its collapsible design makes it easy to fold, wrap, and store. One carrying bag is given with the product for ease of storage. It has a 3.5mm jack with ¼” adapter with gold plated finishing. Its length is 9.8 foot with a detachable cable.


  • Enhanced frequency delivers high sound-quality and ease in listening to the lyrics.
  • Power handling property makes it more professional for audio-editing work.
  • The threaded gold-plated adapter is good for safe use for more days.


  • Due to low-price, some optimized features with the latest technology are unavailable in the product.

Our Verdict

Shure headphones are the best affordable headphones in the market with the most advantages like sufficient cable length, power back-up, and folding design.



High-rated product with 1000+ positive reviews. Many buyers have worn them for long hours with least breaks. Many buyers have reviewed it as a bang for the buck product.


An affordable but compatible product for those who want to get a headphone for a startup. There are options, but the cheapest with advantages could be super lux. People have high trust in the brand due to extreme popularity. Headsets have 50mm drivers with circumaural neodymium. One can avail features of 1/4″ TRS Phone Adapter and 1/8″ Stereo Mini Jack.


  • 50mm driver is enough to make it more suitable for high-frequency.
  • Semi-opening design is less prevalent, and fewer manufacturers make them.
  • It is a lightweight product for ease in portability.
  • Comfortable fir makes it best to be worn for long hours.


  • The quality of the material could be low due to the lower price.

Our Verdict

Superflux headphones are recommended for those users who want cheaper products for the basic editing of videos at home.


So, now one can move forward to choose best-closed headphones for video editing. The versatile design and features of these top headphones mentioned above are enough to help potential buyers choose the best product. This headphone guide contains basic information on each headphone’s price, description, review, and merits and demerits. To know more, one must select the product as per the need and analyse the features.


#1 What are the best headphones for mixing?

While doing video editing, one has to mix different audios and videos. One can use Pioneer HRM-7 headphones to increase work efficiency. The features like frequency, bass, and audio-clarity are the reasons why we recommend this product.

#2 Are high-quality headphones worth it?

Yes, high-quality headphones are worth it because they are more durable and efficient than other affordable products.

#3 What headphones do professional producers use?

Audio-Technica and ATH-PACK4 are the best professional headphones due to their comfortable earpads, detachable cables, and power-backup. One can buy them at affordable prices with the best features from amazon.