5 Best 4k Projector Under 2000 | Reviewed

Are you in the market for a premium projector, but have no idea which one to buy? In this buyer’s guide, you’ll discover the best projectors under 2000 dollars worth knowing about. With these projectors assuring quality, you can enjoy a luxurious theatre-like experience at home, bringing movies and games to life. 
Read the buying consideration section so you can figure out the top points to note.  The points we have included are image quality, the brand, and some extra features. As these factors are considered, you stand a better chance of selecting your ideal projector.

Epson Home Cinema 4010 will give you the full home cinema experience with its resolution of 4k enhancement (1920×1080) to the maximum resolution of 4096×2160. It comes with incredible brightness of 2400 lumens for both color and white brightness which is not limited to provide only a more comprehensive performance. But it also allows HDR performance with such intensity of 2400 lumens it displays amazing 4k content in darker rooms

The projector has an impressive features to look for :

  • Home Cinema 4010 is a true three chip projector design that projects 100% of the RGB color signal for every frame, which makes it capable of excellent color gamut along with maintaining the brightness. You will not visually experience any rainbowing or color brightness issues.
  • It comes with a lamp type of 250 W UHE and HDR processing feature, which reproduces the HDR content for an amazing visual experience.
  • The Digital Imaging processing feature of the projector enables it for smooth transitions from real-time 12-bit analog to digital video; this feature helps the projector to eliminate banding, compression artifacts from the final visual displayed.
  • It comes with an extreme color gamut; it is first in-home theatre projectors under 2000 that enables it to display the full 3d DCI P3 color space which is  50% wider than the one chip rec.709 projectors.
  • The projector’s lens is designed for zero light leakage projecting a crystal clear image, adjusting the lens is very convenient as it is mounted on a three axis motor which enables you to shift the lens by 47% on the horizontal axis and 96% on the vertical axis.
  • It is flexible to install.

Overall, with these features, it makes Home Cinema 4010 projector to be the first in the class of projectors under 2000 dollars.


Optoma uhd60 is a 4k ultra HD home theater projector that can produce stunning and breathtaking images giving you an amazing home theater experience at comfort. It comes with a true 4k UHD 3840×2160 resolution with a brightness of 3000 lumens with cinematic color and contrast ratio of 1000000:1, which enables the projector to deliver excellent and highly detailed images that enhance your home cinema experience. 

Here are some other features to look for: 

  • The projector is HDR compatible and equipped with HDR10 for darker blacks, brilliant whites, and great depth. It is a DLP 1-chip projector which is inherently alignment-free for perfect convergence and easy setup.
  • The projector immerses you in the movies with a screen size up to 300″, You won’t be having any black seat at your home theater with this projector and enjoy watching  movies by immersing yourself at 4k pixels at a distance of 10 feet away from the screen.
  • The projector is flexible to install due to its 1.6 x zoom and vertical lens shift feature.
  • Optoma UHD60 comes with HDMI 2.0 with DHCP 2.2 which makes it easily to connect with other 4k UHD devices with ease.


Sony Home Theater model VPL-HW45es is a projector that comes with a full HD super resolution of (1920×1080). It enhances the details and color of the image  to beam full HD images giving good home theater experience. It comes with the brightness of 1800 lumens and a high contrast ratio that provides  bright and dark details in the good darkroom.

Here are some other features that it supports:

  • The projector produces highly detailed and crisp images with its ability of super-resolution processing technology that creates full HD images, highly detailed , and Vibrant color images, which will take you closer to the original 1080p source.
  • The projector features motion flow technology. It provides you with great blur free videos which are highly detailed no matter how fast the action in the video enhances your visual experience.
  • It comes with a longer-lasting lamp hour of 6000 hours , which means the maintenance is low hence reducing your expense while watching for more extended periods.
  • The projector features an inbuilt rf transmitter that synchronizes with Sony and 3rd party rf 3d glasses that provides wide coverage with extra stability. The projector has amazing lamp control technology when works with rf 3d glass it establishes a highly crystal with great brightness level on your 3d movies and TV shows.
  • The fan of the projector is quite low which emits only 22db during projecting TV shows or movies. Also the fan is placed at the front part of the projector which makes you free from thinking about wall clearance for better intake and exhaust when installing the projector.
  • Installing the projector is very much flexible with a 1.6x zoom ratio , and the ability to shift lenses in a wide range makes it can be installed in any room size.

Overall this projector is also a great choice for providing spectacular cinematic experience at home with the features the projector is packed with.


Benq ht3550 is a right 4k projector which was highly recommended projector in 2019 and is still in the runner up of best projector under 2000 dollars of 2020. It comes with a 4k ultra high definition resolution of 3840×2160 ; it utilizes .47″ single DMD DLP technology that makes the projector sleek and compact design. It matches your smart home with its brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 30000:1 projecting images which are highly detailed, crystal clear and 4x the resolution of full HD 1080p giving you mind-boggling visual experience.

Here are some other amazing features to look for:

  • The projector features BenQ cinematic color technology, which enhances the colors of the image by reproducing authentic cinematic quality images with exact color accuracy of the object giving you lifelike experience.
  • The projector comes with dynamic iris and dynamic black technology. The active iris controls the contrast of the image by controlling the amount of light through the projector’s optical system. The dynamic black technology optimizes the scenes brightness level hence providing you the subtle details of shadows and providing great visual experience in the darker room.
  • Benq Ht3550 is flexible install as it offers vertical lens shift and 1.3 x big zoom making it fit into any room size and can be placed at a different range of distance and heights from the projector screen. 

Overall, the projector has features that will immerse you in its true 4k 8.3 million pixels image , providing you with true color images for a great home cinema and a gaming experience.


The Viewsonic pro8800WuL projector comes with WUXGA 1920×1200 resolution and brightness of 5200 lumens delivering stunning images for  business or educational presentations. The features of the projector are best suited to be installed on large venues or  business and educational events.

Here are some other features one should look for:

  • The projector comes with a brightness of 5200 lumens that produces high quality bright images for a large room, auditorium and conference halls with ambient lights.
  • It features super colour technology that projects bright razor sharp, vibrant colour images in any light environment without sacrificing the image quality.
  • It comes with a vertical lens shift features which provide flexible up and down  adjustment of the projector lens therefore,  it is easy to install in challenging  conditions, the projector is designed by keeping the lens at the center which makes it ideal for easy replacement of the existing centered lens projector.
  • The projector comes with a Viewsonic portal feature which allows you to  discreetly stream multimedia files through a dongle or by connecting with other devices via HDMI cable to an integrated hidden and secure MHL/HDMI port.
  • It provides flexible connectivity by providing 4 HDMI ports at the rear end of the projector to easily connect with multimedia device that includes gaming consoles, PCs, video games, and many more.
  • The Viewsonic provides the best overall projector guarantee with three years warranty for parts and labor and a one year warranty for the lamp.

Overall ViewSonic Pro 8800WUL projector boasts all those features which makes it the best projector under 2000 for installing it in large rooms such as for  business and educational conferences, auditorium, and many more. 



The market is full of range, you can get a projector under 100 and a projector under 300 also, but given the details and quality , you will get the best one under 2000!. The projector you buy is based upon many factors, so the best varies from one person to another, based on your needs. We try to bring the best in the market to help you finalise it in an easier way.